Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New edition of the SOLO Small Business Gateway

We would like to inform you that there has been announced the release of the updated version of the software SOLO Small Business Gateway [v.1.2.11].

The updated edition offers new features, system software updates, and general improvements of the software:

• Regarding the Telephone exchange:
- Complete flexibility in blocking outbound calls per internal phone
- Additional support for telephony cards
- Full support of the Fax Server with ISDN telephony cards
• Regarding the File Server:
- Complete support of workstations with Windows 7
• Regarding Network Management:
- Upgraded Firewall for complete control of incoming and outgoing traffic
• Regarding the Web Server:
- Web-browsing access control, based on web-sites categorization
• Regarding Solo Management:
- Support for available storage expansion
- Flexibility to use the File Server as alternative storage
- Support for simplified management, with the option of hiding configuration details from the menu

The update has been already incorporated into all installations that have automatic installation of updates enabled.


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